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Through the all-natural organic plant foods and soil amendments that make up the Plant-By-Nature™ complete Plant Nutrition System, we help you grow more, larger and healthier plants, crops, trees and shrubs.

It's that simple. If you grow anything at all, you should grow it with Plant-By-Nature™ plant foods and soil amendments. Here is why:

PBN-treated Rice field--Dom. Rep. 2006

  • Plant-By-Nature™ plant foods are 100% natural, and completely free of petrochemical and synthetic additives.

  • The agency OEKO-BCS has certified Foliar-By-Nature™ and Root-By-Nature™ for use in organic agriculture as fertilizer under NOP 7 CFR Part 205.203(c)(1),EU n° 889/2008 and JAS/MAFF.
  • It's Cost-effective. A little goes a long way.. How far? It takes only 3.2 ounces of product (Root or Foliar Spray), mixed per instructions, to cover one acre of ground for one application. At that rate, one gallon of product will cover approximately 40 acres. This coverage rate compares quite favorably with that of other such products on the market. See the Root-By-Nature™ and Foliar-By-Nature™ pages for more coverage information.

  • Your plants/crops grow faster, ripen more quickly and contain higher nutrient levels.

  • Because your plants contain higher nutrient levels, they are better able to develop their own natural resistance to most kinds of blight, fungus and other destructive agents, without the aid of pesticides. Click here, or click on the picture to the right, for an actual example

PBN-treated Bananas-- Dom. Rep. 2008"

  • Plant-By-Nature™ products promote sustainable agriculture because they contain no ingredients that degrade or destroy the soil, the water or the air.

  • Plant-By-Nature™ plant foods do not leach out into surrounding water.

  • Plant-By-Nature™'s benefits extend to later generations; seeds from plants/crops grown with Plant-By-Nature™ are healthier, and in turn grow healthier plants.

  • Your crop yields are greater. You can increase your profits by growing more produce on the same acreage.

  • Your produce is more marketable because it looks better. Plant-By-Nature™-grown produce does not have much of the blemishing that is often associated with organically-grown produce. Appearance is everything!

Plant-By-Nature's products are high-quality all-natural plant and soil amendments. We have tested our products extensively in different soil and climate conditions and with different plants and crops and have achieved superior results, including greater crop yields, higher nutrient content, higher BRIX levels, etc., and better resistance to diseases and pests. Our customers also report to us that they achieve outstanding results. We are confident that you will as well.

The growing of plants and crops on any scale, however, depends on many factors besides the plant amendments you use-- the climate, the condition of the soil you are planting in, the suitability of your plantings to those conditions, the skill of the grower, the extent to which instructions for product use are followed, to name just a few. Because so many of these factors are beyond the control of Plant-By-Nature, we cannot guarantee any specific level of results.

Please feel free to let us know how Plant-By-Nature plant and soil amendments are working in your fields or gardens. And if you have questions on how or when to use our products, please contact us.

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CC issued by BCS regarding inputs Root-By-Nature and Foliar-By-Nature in accordance with NOP 7 CFR Part 205.203(c)(1, EU No. 889/2008 and JAS/MAFF) for use in organic crops as fertilizer.